Crim pro notes

It need not reiterate disposition of counts resolved by dismissal, nolle prosequi or not guilty findings. Also see State v.

Crim pro notes

Define material alteration of instrument. Give examples of material alteration in an instrument: National Bank," which converts the bank from a mere drawee to a drawer and therefore changes its liability, constitutes a material alteration of the instrument Montinola v.

Provide examples when alteration is NOT material to the instrument. Section provides for material alterations in the instrument sufficient to avoid the instrument as against those who did not consent thereto.

Is the list exclusive? Is material alteration a personal defense or a real defense? Material alteration is a personal defense when it is used to deny liability according to the original tenor of the instrument.

It can also be a real defense when relied on to deny liability according to altered terms. Generally, what Crim pro notes the effect of any material alteration in the instrument? Since no distinction is made, it does not matter whether it is favorable or unfavorable to the party making the alteration Franklin Ins.

State Bank, 24 N.


Bank of Sparta v. So that where the instrument has been altered although innocently, it is discharged but the innocent party can sue upon the original debt for which it has been given.

What is the exception to the above general rule? When the altered instrument is in the hands of a holder in due course HDCnot a party to the alteration, he may enforce payment thereof according to its original tenor SectionNIL. M makes a promissory note for P3, payable to P or order.

P negotiates the note to A who, with the consent of P, raises the amount to P8, and thereafter indorses it to B, B to C, and C to D, under circumstances which make D not a holder in due course.

The note is discharged as against M; hence, D cannot enforce it against M even for the original tenor. A, however, would be liable to D for P8, as he is the party who himself made the alteration although D is not a holder in due course.

Moreover, as indorser, A warrants that the instrument is genuine and in all respects what it purports to be Secs. P would also be liable to D for P8, as he authorized or assented to the alteration.

Crim pro notes

Likewise, B and C would be liable to D for P8, as they are subsequent indorsers. Where a promissory note made for P5, payable to P was altered in the amount by P or subsequent holder to P9, the instrument is null and void because of the material alteration, unless it reaches the hands of a HDC who can enforce it according to the tenor of the instrument before it was altered for P5, only instead of P9, B When alteration was made by a stranger spoliationthe effect is the same as where the alteration is made by a party which a HDC can recover on the original tenor of the instrument.

Juan steals the checks, erases the name of Jose and superimproses his own name. Juan deposits the check at Citibank and after clearing; Juan withdraws the amount and absconds. Upon discovery by Pedro of the material alteration, he lodged a complaint at the Bank of America, who credited the amount to Pedro.Criminal Law Bar Essay Checklist Outline Law Outlines > California Bar Bundle Outlines This is an extract of our Criminal Law Bar Essay Checklist document, which we sell as part of our California Bar Bundle Outlines collection written by the top tier of Thomas Jefferson School Of Law students.

,, the Jencks Act, and Brady and Giglio. As stated in USAM § , the As stated in USAM § , the prosecution team includes federal, state, and lo cal law enforcement officers and other government.

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Crim pro notes

Home Court should deny my motion for discovery since the notes constitute work product and are not discoverable by the defense.

Criminal Procedure Outline McDowell Fall The Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule Does not apply to grand jury proceedings. What is a Search? Katz v. U.S.

Does Gun Control Reduce Crime? Each day, on an average, 13 children under the age of 19 are killed by gunfire and more are injured. Homicide is the second leading cause . Dec 13,  · Re: Crim Pro: Montejo Help Post by yeff» Tue Apr 24, am Yes, Montejo makes it so if there's a finding of a 5th amendment waiver then the suspect also waived the 6th amendment right to counsel. View Notes - Crim Pro II Notes from JURI at University Of Georgia. , , , 2 main cases Brown v. Mississippi (pg. 12) FACTS: o Ds charged with murder of Raymond Stewart.

() Petitioner. CHAPTER I: PRELIMINARY CONSIDERATIONS BASIC CONCEPTS Criminal Procedure · Series of processes by which criminal laws are enforced and by which the State prosecutes persons.

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