Great depression causes and effects essay

Typically, these feelings disappear after a day or two, particularly if circumstances change for the better. People experiencing the temporary "blues" don't feel a sense of crushing hopelessness or helplessness, and are able, for the most part, to continue to engage in regular activities.

Great depression causes and effects essay

The potential for health effects from exposure to electric and magnetic fields EMF from electric power lines and electrical appliances is a source of concern to the public at large.

Citizens have been voicing their fears and concerns in Florida for over a decade. Due to the lack of competent scientific evidence that exposure to power line EMF would produce adverse health effects, the ERC based the field strength standards on the premise that new transmission lines and substations should not produce fields greater than the EMF from lines already existing.

This report was completed in early May The working group report drew conclusions on the strength and robustness of the experimental data related to extremely low frequency EMF exposure and its implication for human health and disease etiology.

The Working Group also made final evaluations for non-cancer endpoints by a similar procedure. Twenty out of the twenty-six members that voted concluded that there is limited evidence that residential EMF is carcinogenic to children based on childhood leukemia studies.

Three lines of evidence were cited in supporting the conclusion: The group also felt that there is inadequate evidence from spot measurements of EMF to support a finding of risk to children.

Great depression causes and effects essay

A smaller majority 14 out of 26 considered that there is limited evidence that occupational exposure to EMF is a risk to humans based on chronic lymphocytic leukemia studies. Of the Working Group that voted, they were almost unanimous in concluding that: The Working group also felt that either there was inadequate evidence in experimental animals in vivo for the carcinogenicity of EMF exposure or that there was evidence of a lack of effect.

Using the IARC guidelines the Working Group concluded that a limited number of well performed studies provide moderate evidence that for mechanistic plausible effects of ELF EMF in vitro at intensities greater than microTesla 1 Gauss on end-points generally Great depression causes and effects essay as reflecting the action of toxic agents.

Great depression causes and effects essay

The Working Group also concluded that there is only weak support for an effect of fields less than microTesla. They studied animals who cannot speak The human studies considered addressed adverse birth outcomes after maternal exposure, adverse reproductive effects after paternal exposure, Alzheimer disease, AMLS and other motor neuron diseases, suicide and depression, and cardiovascular disease.

There is one biological effect with a health impact found to have "strong" evidence supporting an EMF effect. Exposure to electric and magnetic fields affects bone repair and adaptation.

The Working Group could not reach a decision on whether EMF exposure could effect nervous and non-bone connective tissue repair. Weak evidence was noted for EMF affect on heart-rate variability and on short term human exposure causing sleep disturbance and melatonin suppression.

The Working Group Report also stated: In other words, they did an inadequate study Dr. The strongest evidence for health effects comes from associations observed in human populations with two forms of cancer: While the support from individual studies is weak, the epidemiological studies demonstrate, for some methods of measuring exposure, a fairly consistent pattern of a small, increased risk with increasing exposure that is somewhat weaker for chronic lymphocytic leukemia than for childhood leukemia.

In contrast, the mechanistic studies and the animal toxicology literature fail to demonstrate any consistent pattern across studies although sporadic findings of biological effects have been reported. No indication of increased leukemias in experimental animals has been observed.

Do you want to live under or near a power line and risk leukemia in your children or yourself? The human data are in the "right" species, are tied to "real life" exposures and show some consistency that is difficult to ignore.

This assessment is tempered by the observation that given the weak magnitude of these increased risks, some other factor or common source of error could explain these findings. The study was inadequate. Virtually all of the laboratory evidence in animals and humans and most of the mechanistic work done in cells fail to support a causal relationship between exposure to ELF-EMF at environmental levels and changes in biological function or disease status.

The lack of consistent, positive findings in animal or mechanistic studies weakens the belief that this association is actually due to ELF-EMF, but it cannot completely discount the epidemiological findings. In my opinion, the conclusion of this report is insufficient to warrant aggressive regulatory concern.

However, because virtually everyone in the United States uses electricity and therefore is routinely exposed to ELF-EMF, passive regulatory action is warranted such as a continued emphasis on educating both the public and the regulated community on means aimed at reducing exposures.

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The NIEHS does not believe that other cancers or non-cancer health outcomes provide sufficient evidence of a risk to currently warrant concern. Because the study was inadequate to prove the case, the State of Florida is willing to go ahead and let people die from living under or near the power lines until enough deaths prove the case Ina National Research Council, Commission on Life Sciences committee also published a review of EMF research.

A major conclusion of the EPACT Committee was that engineering studies indicate that the range of 60 Hz magnetic field exposures to most people is very small. The normal range is 1 - 2 milliGauss mG with very few people exposed to more than 4 mG. That finding demonstrates that it is very difficult to obtain large numbers of subjects for epidemiologic studies with substantially different, temporally-averaged magnetic field exposures.

Lacking an ability to identify heavily-exposed and minimally-exposed populations in epidemiologic studies severely limits efforts to assess possible risks associated with magnetic field exposures. The results of engineering studies also pointed out that any magnetic field-induced biologic effects would have to be seen at very low exposure thresholds about mG in order to have important implications for adverse human health effects.Robin Arzón is a certified running coach, personal trainer, fitness advocate and author of “Shut Up and Run.” She teamed up with our editors to .

David Kennedy is Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History, Emeritus at Stanford his books are Over Here: The First World War and American Society () and the Pulitzer Prize–winning Freedom from Fear: The American People in Depression and War (),which recounts the history of the United States in the two great crises of the Great Depression and World War II.

Antenna Towers and Electrical Sickness. Cell Phone Dangers Are Real Tuesday, May 1, You do risk cancer from gabbing away on your cell phone despite media reports and reassuring government statements that say there is no demonstrated danger in using the omnipresent devices.

The Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression that took place mostly during the s, beginning in the United timing of the Great Depression varied across nations; in most countries it started in and lasted until the lates.

It was the longest, deepest, and most widespread depression of the 20th century.

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