Mccain foods marketing strategy

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Mccain foods marketing strategy

McCain Foods India Pvt. Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of McCain Foods Canada. The company has set up a potato processing plant in Mehsana district of Gujarat with an elaborate India strategy.

Ltd, shares details with Archana Aroor in an email interview. How is the frozen food market Mccain foods marketing strategy India?

What is the growth rate and the opportunities involved in the segment? The frozen food market in India is at a nascent stage with few products, low consumer awareness levels, underdeveloped frozen food distribution network, and lack of freezer space at the retail end.

The key to grow such markets is a range of high quality affordable products made available close to consumers. These can help stimulate demand and address other issues like development of cold chain facilities.

In the last few years, consumers in India have gone through a dramatic transformation in lifestyle by moving from traditional spending on food and groceries to lifestyle and convenience food products thus leading to growth in home consumption of frozen foods.

Mccain foods marketing strategy

This is evident by the rise in the number of frozen food products being offered in the Indian market today. Moreover, increasing penetration of organised retail chains has aided in the demand for frozen food products.

Apart from convenience in cooking at home, quick service restaurants have equally contributed to the growth of frozen foods. Mention some of the challenges that the frozen food sector is facing today. Suggest ways for improvement from the company's point of view. The frozen food market in India is at a nascent stage and is faced with numerous challenges: Few players in the segment: First and foremost there are very few players in the frozen food segment in India and therefore frozen foods excluding frozen vegetables penetration as a category is extremely low.

Second, as mentioned earlier, there is low consumer awareness about frozen foods. For the Indian consumer, frozen foods is a new category altogether and they are still getting familiar with it. Our research with consumers shows that consumers do have misconceptions about frozen foods, particularly they are not aware of the benefits that freezing as a method of preservation offers.

The fact that freezing is a natural method of food preservation without the use of any preservatives or chemicals and that it locks freshness and maintains the nutritive value of food is not known to most consumers. Inadequate frozen food distribution network: Third, the lack of good cold chain facilities is proving to be a disadvantage for companies like us to grow the market for frozen foods.

In addition to the above, lack of freezer space at the retail end is also presenting a challenge to frozen food companies. McCain Foods India is planning to drive the frozen food market in India through the following initiatives: The frozen foods category in Indian market is evolving gradually and is very crucial for us.

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Affordability, variety and availability are the cornerstones of our marketing strategy. We continuously work with our customers and keep track of the evolving trends and based on the assessed requirements, we attempt to develop customised products and solutions.Nov 07,  · McCain Foods potato processing plant in Harbin, Thunkit First person: Diversification is healthy, says McCain President and CEO Dirk Van de Put, president and CEO of McCain Foods, reveals why – and how – he plans to transform the global potato business.

Henk Dollekamp. Director of Global Business Development - Global Commercial Team McCain Foods Ltd. Locatie Naarden, Provincie Noord-Holland, NederlandTitle: Director of Global Business . In China, McCain Foods is the industry leader in the production of French fries.

McCain established a state of the art french fry production plant in China in The plant is located in Harbin, Heilongjiang. WELCOME TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS TALENT BANK. WELCOME TO BOARD OPTIONS' GLOBAL BOARD MATCH.

Board revitalization without Board retained search fees.

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