Mgt 315 class notes

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Mgt 315 class notes

Assumption 1[ edit ] The different experiences caused by the division of labor result in the different perceptions that women and men hold towards the world Using men's words is a disadvantage to women because Kramarae believes that men and women are vastly different and thus will view the world differently from each other.

This stems from the distinction between the meanings of the words " sex " and "gender". Kramerae believes that communication between men and women is not on an even level. This is because language is man made. This makes it easier for men to communicate over women.

Symbolic Interactionism Theory believes that "the extent of knowing is the extent of naming. Assumption 2[ edit ] Women find it difficult to articulate their ideas as men's experience are dominant Kramarae argues that English is a "[hu]man-made language" and that it "embodies the perspectives of the masculine more than the feminine", while supporting "the perceptions of white middle-class males.

Men are the standard. Kramarae also explains that men's control over language has produced an abundance of derogatory words for women and their speech patterns. Some of these include names such as " slut ", "whore", and "easy lay", along with speech patterns such as " gossiping ", "whining", and " bitching ".

These include words such as "stud", "player", and " pimp " p. Kramarae suggests these harmful words shape our reality. She believes that "words constantly ignored may eventually come to be unspoken and perhaps even unthought". This can lead women to doubt themselves and the intentions of their feelings.

Mgt 315 class notes

Assumption 3[ edit ] Women have to go through a translation process when speaking in order to participate in social life Kramarae says that women need to choose their words carefully in public. According to Kramarae, this is because, "what women want to say and can say best cannot be said easily because the language template is not of their own making.

This stems from the market being dominated by males for so long. Almost all prominent authors, theorists, and scientists have historically been male. This allows for them to give women the "facts" they should believe about society and life in general.

Femininity is the marked form: Language[ edit ] Application in language - A Feminist Dictionary According to Kissack, traditionally communication has been constructed within the framework of a male dominated society.

Women in corporate organizations are expected to use language associated with women, that is, "female-preferential" language.

It has been considered as lower than the "male-preferential" language. The primary difference between the two is "male-preferential" language consists of details such as opinions and facts whereas "female-preferential" language consists mainly of personal details, emotions reflected in the conversations, also there is a great use of adjectives in it.Download this MGT class note to get exam ready in less time!

Class note uploaded on Jan 24, 3 Page(s). Proverbs: The Holy Bible: King James Version: This is a book of wise sayings and ethical and common sense teachings on how to live a godly life.

Mgt 315 class notes

View Notes - MGT notes from MGT at Michigan State University. 01/25/ Creating Quality Selection measures Judging the quality of selection measures:(5 criteria) Reliability.

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