Street renaming

Godwin Aliuna The governor of Anambra state Mr. Willie Obiano has replied Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state, on allegation of discrimination against Abakaliki citizens living in Awka. A joint press briefing by his chief press secretary, James Eze and Chairman of Awka South Local Government Area, Mr Leo Nwuba, regretted that the renaming of a street had been given wrong interpretation by some people. It is totally inconceivable that anyone could assume that the renaming of Abakaliki Street was done with an intention to spite anyone.

Street renaming

Etymologies[ edit ] The etymology of a street name is sometimes very obvious, but at other times it might be obscure or even forgotten. In the United States, most streets are named after numbers, landscapes, trees a combination of trees and landscapes such as "Oakhill" is used often in residential areasor the surname of an important individual in some instances, it is just a commonly held surname such as Smith.

Some streets, such as Elm Street in East Machias, Mainehave been renamed due to features changing. Elm Street's new name, Jacksonville Road, was chosen because it leads to the village of Jacksonville.

Its former name was chosen because of elm trees; it was renamed when all of the trees along the street succumbed to Dutch elm disease. The Shamblesderived from the Anglo-Saxon term fleshammels "meat shelves" in butchers' stallsis a historical street name which still exists in various cities and towns around England.

The Street renaming example is in York.

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This rarely happens in modern times, but many such older names are still common. Landmarks[ edit ] Some streets are named for landmarks that were in the street, or nearby, when it was built. Such names are often retained after the landmark disappears. Barcelona's La Rambla is officially a series of streets.

The Rambla de Canaletes is named after a fountain that still stands, but the Rambla dels Estudis is named after the Estudis Generals, a university building demolished inand the Rambla de Sant Josep, the Rambla dels Caputxins, and the Rambla de Santa Monica are each named after former convents.

Only the convent of Santa Monica survives as a building, and it has been converted to a museum. Orchard RoadSingaporewas named for the orchards that formerly lined the road Sometimes a street is named after a landmark that was destroyed to build that very street.

For example, New York's Canal Street takes its name from a canal that was filled in to build it. New Orleans' Canal Street was named for the canal that was to be built in its right-of-way. Self-descriptive names[ edit ] While names such as Long Road or Nine Mile Ride have an obvious meaning, some road names' etymologies are less clear.

The various Stone Streets, for example, were named at a time when the art of building paved stone Roman roads had been lost. Many streets with regular nouns rather than proper nouns, are somehow related to that noun. For example, Station Street or Station Road, do connect to a railway station, and many "Railway Streets" or similar do end at, cross or parallel a railway.

Street renaming

Sometimes the ordinary-sounding name is actually a proper noun. Many roads are named after a Mr Hill or Mrs King and similar. Destination[ edit ] Many roads particularly in the UK, Australia, the northeastern US, and southern Ontario, Canada are given the name of the place to which they lead.

Street renaming

However, there are also many examples of streets named after a city that is many miles away and has no obvious link to the street. When the roads do still make it to their stated destination, the names are often changed when they get closer to the destination. A road can switch names multiple times as local opinion changes regarding its destination: Some streets are named after the areas that the street connects.

Some roads are named after their general direction, such as "Great North Road". Bypasses are often named after the town they route traffic around, for example the Newbury bypass.

Naming or Renaming a Public Street

Distinguished or famous individuals[ edit ] This street in Rome commemorates the physicist Enrico Fermi Some streets are named after famous or distinguished individuals, sometimes people directly associated with the street, usually after their deaths.

Iuliu Barasch is named after a locally famous physician whose clinic was located there. Naming a street after oneself as a bid for immortality has a long pedigree: James's area for Charles II of England.

Perhaps to dissuade such posterity-seeking, many jurisdictions only allow naming for persons after their death, occasionally with a waiting period of ten years or more.

A dozen streets in San Francisco, California 's North Beach neighborhood were renamed in after local writers; inthe city broke with tradition, honoring Lawrence Ferlinghetti by renaming an alley after the poet within his own lifetime. However, it is also the most controversial type of naming, especially in cases of renaming.

It is often the main reason for renaming: Conversely, it can be a way to eliminate a name that proves too controversial: In a case of a street named after a living person becoming controversial, Lech Walesa Street in San Francisco was renamed to Dr.

Tom Waddell Place in after Walesa made a public remark against gay people holding major public office. One example is Philadelphiawhere the major east-west streets in William Penn 's original plan for the city carry the names of trees: Other examples of themed streets: Most of the "state avenues" cross diagonally through the alphabetic and numbered streets in Washington's grid see grid systems below.

In an area of northwest Portland, Oregonstreets are in alphabetical order and are named after important local businessmen and pioneers. The names date back to when they replaced an alphabetical lettering system.The GIS Office has policies and procedures for street naming requests within Prince William County.

Street renaming may be initiated by several actions: Road realignment. Board of County Supervisors Action.


Citizen Request. Developer Request. Street Co-Naming Request Instructions Streets located within the boundaries of Manhattan’s ommunity oard 12 (CB12M) will be considered for co-naming in honor of .

The third street naming process is much shorter and is used in those cases where the street’s current official street name will be retained, but an honorary street name will also be designated. Review or download Naming or Renaming a Public Street in the City of St. Louis. Chicago Streets Avenue - Title applied mostly to streets running North and South.

There are exceptions. Blvd - Title given to streets where trucks over 5 tons are not permitted. STREET CO-NAMING: GENERAL GUIDELINES Streets located within the boundaries of Manhattan’s ommunity oard 12 (CB12M) will be considered for co-naming in honor of individuals or organizations.

A city official will examine several factors to prepare a report that will be used to determine if a street will be renamed.

First, consideration is given to the number of businesses and residents affected by the name change. The fewer the addresses affected, the more likely it is to be approved. A.

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