The nine guidelines for growing the business on the web

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The nine guidelines for growing the business on the web

ETSY has been one of the most popular online platforms for handmade and vintage sellers for more than a decade.

10 Ways to Grow Your Small Business on Etsy - Small Business Trends

With nearly 2 million business owners and hobbyists selling their wares, the company is constantly evolving and releasing new tools to support the ecommerce community.

How to Be Successful on Etsy Small Business Trends recently spoke with Kruti Patel Goyal, who is the General Manager of Seller Services for Etsy about what sellers can do to grow their businesses on the platform and some of the new features that can help them do just that.

Etsy has always offered guides like its Seller Handbook to help business owners make the most of the platform. For instance, our Ultimate Guides to product photography and marketing cover everything you need to know to present your products professionally and get the word out about your new business.

And Etsy offers a feature that lets you choose which type of promotion to offer so you can schedule it for your shop. This lets you save time while still getting the word out about your special offers.

Get Organized

Last year, we launched a new social media tool that makes it easy for sellers to share their listings, sales and promotions, and celebrate shop milestones across social media directly from within their Etsy Shop Manager and the Sell on Etsy app. We know Etsy sellers are busy and the Sell on Etsy app can help them stay on top of their businesses, from answering questions from buyers to paying bills on the go.

But you also have to come up with a specific and recognizable style that works for your specific product line. You might consider adding some props that show scale and fit with your branding.

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Or you could come up with a unique background that makes your images stand out without distracting from the actual product. The exact SEO guidelines might change periodically.

Join an Etsy Team To continue learning and growing along with the Etsy community, Patel Goyal also recommends connecting with other sellers. For example, Etsy Teams are self-organized groups of sellers who share tips, run local events, and organize grassroots campaigns.

This can be a worthwhile exercise at least to see what type of sales increase it leads to and use it to supplement your other marketing efforts as you grow your shop. Get into Google Shopping Outside of Etsy, there are also some worthwhile marketing and advertising tools you can make use of.

For instance, you can set your products to show up in Google Shopping searches. Then you can pay for Google ads to boost the visibility of those products when people enter relevant search terms into Google.

If you sell items at craft fairs or retail shops, you can even use a Square card reader to easily connect those in-person purchases to your shop.

In fact, Etsy also offers a tool for helping shop owners in this area. Sellers can choose from beautiful, customizable templates and sync their Etsy inventory so they can grow their brand while managing all their orders in the same place.You might be the owner of a growing and thriving business, the webmaster of a dozen sites, the SEO specialist in a Web agency or a DIY SEO ninja passionate about the mechanics of Search: .

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The nine guidelines for growing the business on the web

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